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A compelling video helps attract attention and  keep visitors on your page longer, which is great for SEO. According to research by Forrester, having a homepage video increases your chances of being on page one of Google by 53 times when compared to a plain text web page.   Plus Home Page videos increase site retention (we are a video culture)!

Adding videos to your homepage (page 1 of your website) can describe the essence of your business to your target audience. Embedded videos are a great way of displaying your company culture in an appealing way that also personalizes the business.

Your visitors would better understand your business persona and decide how you are different than others within your industry. They can easily relate to what you are trying to convey and build a long-lasting emotional connection with you.

Homepages are the first things in a website that a site visitor comes across. Through these they form the first impression of the website. Hence, it’s necessary to craft a delightful experience for them (which we will make amazing for you)!  Adding videos to your homepage is the best way to engage your audience with your brand. Website with video background serves a two-way purpose- one, it is informative and two it is entertaining will increase your brand credibility and promote trustworthiness!

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