Facebook Video Retargeting

Facebook video retargeting is a nifty marketing tactic to have in your toolbox because the social media giant makes it easy for you to keep interested prospects and advocates warm!

 In essence, if you are sharing video content, either Facebook Live video, or uploading video directly to your Facebook Page, Facebook has been automatically building a custom audience for you behind the scenes made up of people who have viewed your videos for at least three seconds.

This is the foundation for retargeting; loading follow up marketing messages to people who have taken a certain action. In this case, the action will have been viewing a video on a Facebook Business Page, but retargeting can also be visiting a website, clicking a link, having placed an order, etc. 

Facebook video retargeting means you can plan a journey for your Facebook visitors by “retargeting” viewers who have displayed varying degrees of interest and engagement in your video content.  And we make GREAT video content!

Website Retargeting

If you’re interested in re-engaging potential customers who visit your website but leave without taking action, then website retargeting should be one of the strategies in your marketing toolkit.

What is Website Retargeting?

Website retargeting is a form of online advertising that helps recapture potential customers who did not take a predefined action, which marketers commonly refer to as a “conversion,” during their visit to a website. The desired conversion action might be to click on a link or a Call Now button, or to fill out a form for more information.

Retargeted ads can be placed far and wide on the internet, so they seem to “follow” people around! A past visitor to your site will see retargeted ads while browsing other sites throughout the web, watching videos, or viewing his or her social media feed. The ad will “remind” them of their visit to your site and things they were browsing for, but did not take action on at the time.

How Does Website Retargeting Work?

There are two main approaches to retargeting: pixel based and list based.

Pixel Based Retargeting

Pixel based retargeting is powered by browser cookie technology. This requires adding a small, unobtrusive piece of code—referred to as a pixel—to the back end of a website. The code is invisible to users and doesn’t affect site performance.

Each time a new visitor comes to your website, the code embeds a cookie into the visitor’s browser. This cookie stores the site visit, but typically does not record personally identifiable information (i.e., name, address, email, etc.).

When the visitor leaves your site, the cookie will anonymously track future web activity. If the visitor is part of one of your retargeting campaigns, they will see ads for your business on other web properties they visit – even competitors’ sites!

List-Based Retargeting

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