Facebook Video Marketing

4 July 2020

Why Facebook Video?

Sight, sound, motion and emotion!  That’s what Facebook VIDEO Marketing can bring to your business.  Most small business owners do not have the hefty budgets required for radio or television advertising. But visual communication is compelling and emotional, and is known to help convert prospects. Fortunately,  Facebook video marketing is a cost-effective and high-converting option for almost every business.

Prospects can be geographically and demographically precision-targeted within a given market – and directed to immediately click a link to a business website for more information. That’s some real-world immediacy that radio, print and television can’t offer.

Facebook video ads can maximize your marketing ROI. Now is the perfect time to get started and to expose thousands of new prospects, as well as existing customers, to your marketing message.  TCDD will help you build appealing visual content and a high-converting offer, and then make sure it’s delivered to the right newsfeed.

We’re proud of the video we’ve created for several local businesses, and the results its helped bring – here are some samples of our work.

Video ads on Facebook are proven to result in action (conversion) by the prospect. In a sea of static ads, they stand out and demand attention, because they’re still quite unique. Not every business is taking advantage of this medium – but savvy ones are!

Ready to talk  about your Facebook Video campaign? Give us a call today and we’ll get started.

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