Digital Coupons and Event Marketing

People love to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special events  with friends and family, usually at a favorite local restaurant. When they celebrate these events they typically spend more – ordering drinks, desserts and fancy entrees.

Restaurants that can target people based on upcoming special events like birthdays can capitalize on this by making customers feel special and celebrated with offers geared toward their event. All while building a marketing list of VIP customers who remain loyal to that restaurant, and will tell their friends about the service they received.


You can advertise in coupon mailers and community newspapers, but digital coupons are even smarter and more cost effective.

More visibility and exposure

can’t build a list or have 24/7 exposure

Package 1


Package 2

Video – goes to TLDD

Opt in for offer

Software activates

banner ads


How the coupon club works:

  • Customer clicks on a Facebook ad, and is directed to a Claim Form
  • Customer is sent a redemption email or text with link to the coupon

Restaurants and other businesses can target people with upcoming birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions. They’re awarded a Deal Coupon via sign-up form. For the business, they are now building a valuable list for future marketing

The system includes proprietary follow-up and reminder software designed to drive more customers into your restaurant. After their visit, the system follows up with the customer to collect positive feedback that improves your online reputation.


Benefits to Business

  • Ongoing exposure and brand visibility
  • Businesses will get NEW CUSTOMERS (high end targeting of celebrating important events). They spend more on their birthday
  • Generates leads that turn into new customers -ongoing marekting opportunity
  • Most cost-effective form of advertising


$595 / mo (ad spend $150 or $5 per day)

how many campaigns? 1 campaign is $500/mo

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